Our Philosophy

At Aessence, we aspire to realise timeless beauty in everyday life.

Step into our realm of beauty care, where we provide the best of treatments and technology to suit the needs of the discerning men or women in pursuit of perfection and sophistication. Feel empowered to become all you want to be; we are dedicated to bringing you care that matters and realising beauty that truly reflects your strengths and personality.

Our Mission

We keep you looking young through excellent anti-ageing treatments, including rejuvenation, stem cells, natural hormone and regenerative medicine regimens, all of which creates a brand new look to reflect the vitality of your inner youth.

Our Doctors

Dr. Chin Shih Choon

Aesthetic Medicine |  Dermatology

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Dr Chin is a board-certified aesthetic physician (LCP). He is a MBBS holder from Mangalore University (1992). He is also holder of a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine (2006) from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, US.

Dr Chin is trained in primary care dermatology, having obtained the Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Dermatology from the Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia and thereafter the Diploma in Dermatology (2007) from the Institute of Dermatology, Bangkok.

In his free time, Dr Chin likes to spend time with his family and friends travelling or scuba-diving.

Dr Thong Tze Ying

Aesthetic Medicine 

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Dr Sara holds a Bachelor in medicine and Bachelor in surgery, who has graduated from Manipal University. She was an ENT medical officer during her practice in government hospital.
After completed her compulsory service in the government sector, she decided to pursue her strong passion in aesthetic field. She has then completed her professional diploma in aesthetic medicine and has completed postgraduate diploma in Dermatology ( New south wale).
During her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities and spend time with her family and friends.
She believe in continuous learning and keep aim higher in life.

Dr. Ong Bi Bi

Aesthetic Medicine |  Dermatology

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Dr Bi Bi graduated with MBBS from Kasturba Medical College in 1992. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family on travels, adventures and aquatic sports.